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Tratamiento anticaída y nutrición avanzada

Anti-Hair Loss Treatment and Advanced



Four Treasures for Your Hair!


Discover the ultimate solution for comprehensive hair care with the Melrose Hair Care Bundle, featuring four exceptional products that will transform your locks from root to tip. Each of these hair treasures has been carefully crafted with natural and effective ingredients, backed by ancient wisdom and modern science.

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Elixir de Vida


Natural Shampoo


Begin your hair ritual with this masterful shampoo that combines natural active extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and fruits. With over 10 benefits in one product, you'll experience a deep cleanse and a hair transformation from the very first use. It controls hair loss, accelerates growth, combats dandruff, and strengthens hair follicles. Plus, it's gentle on all hair types, even chemically treated hair!

Shampoo with onion
Shampoo Melrose Elixir de Vida sin fondo
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Yogurt de Seda


The conditioner to restore and revitalize your hair


Continue with this exclusive, luxurious conditioner that provides intensive hydration and deep reconstruction. Its nutrient-rich components and vitamins work directly on each hair strand, restoring life, softness, and shine. Whether your hair has undergone chemical processes or just needs a boost, Silk Yogurt will revitalize it and leave it dazzling

Melrose Yogurt de Seda
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Brillo de Estrellas

The collagen spray that protects your hair


Before applying heat to your hair, ensure you protect it with this innovative heat-activated thermo-protector and sunblock. Shimmering Star protects your hair from high temperatures, UV rays, and other harmful external agents while providing spectacular shine, frizz control, and breakage prevention.

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Gold Atávico

The hair serum that will transform your hair from the first application


The final step in your hair care routine is this revitalizer and restorer for damaged hair. Thanks to its advanced nanotechnology and the richness of ancestral ingredients like argan and avocado, this serum repairs and seals split ends, delivers extreme softness, and strengthens your hair from the root.

The Melrose Hair Care Bundle is the ultimate ally in achieving healthy, radiant, and beautiful hair. Each product has been lovingly formulated to deliver real and lasting results. Don't wait any longer to give your hair the treatment it deserves!


Get the Melrose Hair Care Bundle and unlock the secret to dreamy locks.

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