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Brillo de Estrellas

​The collagen spray that protects and revitalizes your hair


Melrose's Brillo de Estrellas is the first heat-activated thermoprotector and sunblock designed specifically to protect your hair. This masterful formula penetrates all layers of the hair, easily absorbed, and provides effective protection while delivering a smooth, shiny, and silky finish without leaving greasy residue.


Irresistible Benefits:

​​Protects hair from high temperatures

  • UV protection

  • Prevents hair loss

  • Repairs and prevents damage caused by the environment and free radicals

  • Seals split ends

  • Controls frizz and does not leave hair greasy

  • Detangles

  • Provides extreme shine to your hair

  • Prevents breakage

  • Prolongs hair brushing.


The perfect companion:

Solar and environmental protection: Brillo de Estrellas effectively protects your hair from UV rays and external aggressors such as the sun, chlorine, wind, and salt.


Long-lasting straightening: Its components are activated by heat, providing a smooth, shiny, and silky finish to your brush and flat iron hairstyles, with increased durability.


Ideal for before and after workouts: Protects your hair from dehydration and damage caused by sweat and mineral salts released during physical activity.


Enriched with key ingredients

Collagen: Provides strength, elasticity, and volume to the hair, improving its appearance and health.

Provitamin B5: Hydrates and conditions the hair, helping to maintain its softness and flexibility.


Silk worm amino acids: Nourish and strengthen the hair, making it more resilient and healthy-looking.


Your hair deserves to receive the proper care and protection, just like your skin. With Brillo de Estrellas, you'll have an innovative product at your disposal that protects and revitalizes your hair, giving it radiant shine, softness, and resilience. Don't let heat damage, UV rays, and external agents ruin the beauty of your hair. Make sure to include Brillo de Estrellas in your personal care routine and enjoy stunning hair at all times. Your hair will thank you!

Melrose BRILLO DE ESTRELLAS Thermo-Protector - Hair Sunscreen

1 Fluid ounce
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